How, how, how, how, to speak English

Angel is a dedicated and talented English student at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe. He is crazy about soccer and takes his English studies very seriously.

The following is an essay written by our advanced English student, Angel Espinosa Vindes. We are very proud to showcase his superb English abilities here!

How can you become a good English speaker? How can you learn more and more? What is the best way to practice what you know? And the most important, how can you be successful speaking English? All these questions I’m going to answer because you can use it in your life.

How can you become a good English speaker? The most important thing is how much you want to learn. If you really want to learn you must have discipline because with out discipline you won’t learn much. You must have desire to learn. If your teacher gives some homework to do, you have to do it because you will know how much you have learned until that point, and you can discover in what points you have to keep working to be better and better. You need to have consistency in your studies because you need to have the knowledge to be the best English speaker. Why is that important? The best way to learn English is study to know how is the best way to speak. If you study you will learn, if you learn you will speak better, if you speak better you will have success in your life. Do you want something like that in your life? Of course success means better way to live.

How can you learn more and more? Wuuuaooo! That is a very good question. I think that you need to have an open mind. What does that mean? It means you have to try different ways to learn. In my opinion I can tell you one, try to watch a movie or some TV shows in English with out subtitles and see how much you can understand. Another way is the next, maybe do you have some songs that you like? So try to get the lyrics and sing the song. Why is this good? Ok I will tell you. First of all you will listen to the pronunciation, practice the pronunciation, and if you don’t know any word, you can search the meaning and have more vocabulary.

What is the best way to practice English?  I think the best way is not to be shy. You need to have confidence in what you know and try to speak. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake don’t worry you will have more opportunities to correct your self. Don’t be afraid to speak with a person who speaks English as their first language. Try to start a conversation. It will help you to know your level and it is a good practice for you. If you work with people who speak English you have to try and have the confidence to speak and if you keep speaking English you going to be better and better.

How can English help you became a successful person? Definitely speaking English is one of best way to have success because 80% of companies in Costa Rica search for people who speak English. If you know English you will have more options to find a job, to earn more money, to live better.

For that reason I will tell you to speak English. Studying English is one perfect way to get ahead, to be the best and probably live the life that you always wanted.


2 responses to “How, how, how, how, to speak English

  1. WoW! What a wonderful essay! Thank you for sharing it with us! You did a very excellent job of explaining your ideas in English. I hope lots of students read this and want to follow your advice!

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