JLo and Brad Pitt meet in Costa Rica!

Mensi, just 11 years old, is an enthusiastic English learner at Estelar. She regularly attends our weekly Superstar Conversation Club and is advancing wonderfully in English.

We are proud to post another writing assignment from our dedicated Low Intermediate student, Mensi Nadia Sanchez de las Matas Pizarro. The students were required to write a dialogue between two people meeting for the first time, and Mensi did an excellent job!

Jennifer Lopez and Brad Pitt at Fun Park (Parque de Diversiones) in San Jose, Costa Rica:

Lopez: Hi! How are you?

Pitt: Fine! And you?

Lopez: What is your name?

Pitt: I’m Brad Pitt. Wait! Are you Jennifer Lopez?!

Lopez: Yes, I am. Please call me “Jenni.”

Pitt: Wow! I love your music.

Lopez: Thanks. I like your movies.

Pitt: Well, “Jenni,” do you want to ride the “Reventazon?” (a ride at the theme park)

Lopez: Yes, I wanna go! Come on!

Pitt: But this ride is a little scary.

Lopez: Are you okay?!

Pitt: No, I’m not. I’m scared!

Lopez: Ooh! Don’t worry. Relax!

Pitt: OK, I’m better. I’m relaxed. It is so fun!!

Lopez: Great! It’s entertaining!

Pitt: Yeah, it’s very fun. Wuuujuuu!


2 responses to “JLo and Brad Pitt meet in Costa Rica!

  1. Fabulous fun! Great dialogue!!! what a funny teacher you have!

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