More Student Writing!

Merlyn Cortes Coronado (left), 20 years old, and Tatiana Lopez Junes, 22 years old, are fantastic students at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe!


We are very proud to post two new dialogues written by Merlyn and Tatiana in our Intermediate class. These girls are extremely dedicated English students at Estelar who are also studying tourism together at ULatina.

Merlyn’s Dialogue between Vin Diesel and Beyonce at Burger King in Liberia:

Cashier: Hello, I am going to take your order.
Beyonce: Thanks, I need the two combo.
Cashier: OK, in a moment you will be served. Enjoy!
Vin Diesel: Hello! Miss, would you like to eat with me?
Beyonce: Hmmm, okay.
Vin Diesel: What’s your first name?
Beyonce: My first name’s Beyonce.
Vin Diesel: Are you married?
Beyonce: No, I’m not. I’m single.
Vin Diesel: Ooohh!! Is it cool being single?
Beyonce: Yeah. Tell me about you.
Vin Diesel: I’m Vin Diesel.
Beyonce: Nice to meet you, Vin.
Vin Diesel: Also, I am a very handsome man, don’t you think?
Beyonce: There is no doubt.
Vin Diesel: Do you have a child?
Beyonce: No, I don’t because I have to work very hard.
Vin Diesel: Really? What do you do?
Beyonce: I am a singer.
Vin Diesel: Ooh. You are very interesting.
Beyonce: And what do you do?
Vin Diesel: I am an actor. I love my job.
Beyonce: Are you on vacation here?
Vin Diesel: No, I’m not on vacation. I am an actor for the movie here. Are you free now?
Beyonce: No, I’m not. I’m very busy.
Vin Diesel: Why?
Beyonce: Because tomorrow I’m having a concert. Would you like going to the concert to see me?
Vin Diesel: That’s a good idea!
Beyonce: Oh Vin, I like to continue speaking with you, but it’s very late. I have to go to the hotel.
Vin Diesel: Okay, see you tomorrow in the concert.

And now, Tatiana’s dialogue with Shakira and her classmate, Merlyn!

Shakira: Hi. What’s your name?
Merlyn: Hi, my name is Merlyn. And you?
S: My name is Shakira.
M: Mmm, what do you do?
S: I am singer. And you?
M: I am a student. I study tourism.
S: Oh, it’s very nice. Where are you from?
M: I am from Costa Rica. And you Shakira? Where are you from?
S: I’m from Colombia. Have you been there?
M: No, but I listen about this country.
S: Yeah, I love my country!
M: Tell me something about you.
S: Mmm. My family is very small. I have two sisters. I have a boyfriend. His name is Saul Lizazo.
M: Really? He is handsome and older.
S: Yeah, but I love him.
M: Is he from South America?
S: No, he is not. He is from North America. Do you have a boyfriend?
M: Yes, his name is Adrian D. Lemos. He plays soccer in Heredia team and he works in Marriot Hotel.
S: It’s a very nice place.
M: Sure. What kind of music do you prefer? Romantic or pop?
S: I prefer pop music. I love it. Do you play guitar?
M: No, I don’t. I play the piano. Would you like to go shopping with me?
S: I’d like to go, but I need to save money.
M: Mmm, would you like to go to the gym with me?
S: I’d like to go, but I need to wash my car. How often do you exercise?
M: I go to gym twice a week. Do you ever play sports?
S: Sure. I play tennis every day after class. What do you usually do after class?
M: Sometimes I go to sleep. Sorry, I need to study hard with friends. I will call you tomorrow.
S: Ah, see you Merlyn. I hope you call me.
M: Bye!


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