My First Extreme Experience

We are thrilled to publish this intermediate student’s writing assignment about her first experience doing a Canopy Tour and going horseback riding. Guissella Valle Hueck is just 15 years old, and she is a new student at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe.

Guissella, on the right, is always smiling and ready to participate in her English class at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe.


My first extreme experience was going on a canopy tour two months ago. My boyfriend and I went for one day to the Buena Vista Lodge, which is a mountain hotel in Costa Rica. The hotel has an artificial lake and hot springs because the Rincon dela Vieja volcano is located so close to the hotel.

 The first activity we did was the canopy tour. The canopy has ten cables, and I felt nervous, and my heart beat fast. The tour guide gave the instructions and after that he put me in the security equipment. Then he only said “jump” and I jumped but on the third cable I stopped in the middle of the cable. I was scared but fortunately the tour guide helped me.

When I finished the last cable I felt relaxed. After that we walked on the suspension bridge and we went down the water slide.

At noon we went to lunch at the La Montaña restaurant and ate a lot of food. After that my boyfriend and I went horse riding and to a spa. That was my first time riding a horse, and it was fun.

I enjoyed the hot springs and the spa and we saw a lot of different types of birds, monkeys and squirrels. That was wonderful and I want to go again.


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