What to Do in Liberia: Café Liberia

Café Liberia, just 50 meters north of Instituto Estelar Bilingüe on the Calle Real.

One great place to experience a wide variety of activities is at Café Liberia. The Café is in a historic house, like Instituto Estelar, and it’s a great place to hang out. Radha, the young and talented owner, greets customers with a smile and makes a delicious iced mocha frappuccino (among other things), which really hits the spot on hot Liberian days.

And Radha never seems to stop organizing cultural events. An accomplished singer herself, she organizes a lot of concerts, many of which are free. I’ve been to several fantastic jazz shows and traditional Costa Rican music performances with local artists. In fact, she seems to be a true music-lover. She hosted a tribute to a famous Costa Rican classic composer, Jesús Bonilla (Guanacaste’s own!), and several months later had a power rock concert at the café, so she doesn’t discriminate against music genres.

Jazz Concert at Café Liberia under the stars!

The events are held in the open-air patio behind the café, so on a clear night, it is a lovely experience with the moonlight and cool night breeze. It seems there is always art displayed around the café, and I believe they are mostly Costa Rican artists. There are frequent workshops held at the café as well, the next one focusing on Feng Shui.

Two more events I’d like to mention at Café Liberia are the weekly movie nights (free) and awesome yoga classes (very reasonable price) held there. Yoga under the stars is especially peaceful, and it’s a beautiful way to experience the Luna Liberiana (a famous, romantic song written by Jesús Bonilla).

I feel very lucky to have my school so close to such an exciting place. And I love seeing the influence that one woman, Café Liberia’s owner, has had on her surroundings.


2 responses to “What to Do in Liberia: Café Liberia

  1. I will have to visit you one evening when there is an event at the cafe. I recall that it doesn’t open early in the morning, which is when I want my coffee! This all sounds fabulous!

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