How to Know when People are Telling Lies

We are delighted to present another piece of student writing, this time by Enia Loreys Perez Chaves, a high intermediate student in our Estelar English program. The assignment was to be an expert of something and write an article as if written by a journalist. We hope you enjoy this super cool piece about detecting lies!

Enia Lorey’s article:

Enia has been detector lies for over 10 years. That is not her job, but she practices that every day, when her students give to her an excuse or when she talks with her friends or her partners. She enjoys doing that. With her experience she gives some tips to the people who want to know when others tell lies. Here are a few examples:
1) Hands movements: you should see their movements especially in their hands, because when they are nervous they never control their hands movements.
2) Eye contact: you ought to look in their eyes because they can’t focus their sight in one point. Almost nobody wants to look you in your eyes. These two things are going to help you.
3) Sweating: you might look at their face or their skin, maybe they are sweating, and so that’s going to be another sign.
4) The way they speak and speech coherence is almost all the time wrong, because if you ask some question they are going to make mistakes when they are talking. Also they offer extra information, and repeat the same words or phrases. You had better pay attention to that.
5) Guilty feeling: almost everyone becomes angry when you ask them something, or you ask a lot of question about the same topic, because they are feeling you don’t believe them. You had better be discrete with the people because you don’t want them to be angry with you. But remember there are “poker faces” everywhere.


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