How to Have a Good Relationship

At Instituto Estelar Bilingüe, our students are truly stellar! Here is an article by a high intermediate student, Yenddry Cristina Ponce Ponce. Yenddry is an elementary English school teacher, but for this writing assignment, she chose to be an expert in relationships. She seems to really know what she’s talking about, so read and learn!

Yenddry’s Article:

I’m Yenddry, and I’m an expert in couple’s relationships. I graduated in sexuality. In this article, you will find many ways to have a good  relationship with your partner, kids, family and close friends.

You can follow these three steps:

First – How to have a good relationship with your spouse: It is important to share your ideas. You had better listen with very much attention to your couple. You shouldn’t argue when you disagree with your wife or husband. Please, get along with your partner.

Second – How to share a lot of time with your couple if you work a lot: Please, don’t use a schedule with your family. Try to invite your partner on a romantic date. You must make your spouse feel that she or he is special. Give your partner chocolates, flowers, and maybe plane tickets!

Remember the most important thing in life is family happiness. Don’t make excuses. When you are in your job, working hard, stop a minute and call her/him and tell that you love her/him.

Third – What to do when your spouse has close friends: Look out, don’t permit that. You can have a lot of friends. You and your friends can go out to restaurants, movie theatres, amusement parks, etc. But you had better go with your partner.

When you are alone in your house, your friends (boy or girl) can’t go to visit you for a long period of time. Maybe if you share a lot of time with your best friend, you can fall in love.

So rememeber…

  • Don’t argue.
  • You should visit professionals in couple relationships if you have problems.
  •  You had better share a lot of time with your spouse and family.
  • You shouldn’t share a lot of time with a close friend of the opposite sex.
  • You had better take time off (maybe weekends and nights) for your family.
  • You should share opinions and ideas.
  • You need to talk about your day (How was the day?).
  • You should make your spouse feel like the best person!



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