A Costa Rican Thanksgiving!

To celebrate Instituto Estelar Bilingüe’s first Thanksgiving, the English teachers (all from the US) made traditional Thanksgiving dishes and invited the students and their families to contribute to the dinner, potluck style.  Upwards of 60 people came to eat and celebrate!  We had mounds of mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, chicken (instead of turkey), gravy, candied yams, corn, cranberry sauce, and stuffing served alongside rice, tortillas, bread, and saladas.

Estelar's staff getting ready to serve the Thanksgiving feast! From left to right: Leda, Tara, Bethany, Anna, and Greta.

Our Tico guests were talking about feeling full well before the desserts were served, and there was more food than any of us could consume, just like a true Thanksgiving meal. It was fun to watch our Costa Rican students try our traditional dishes, which probably looked pretty strange to them. We may have finally convinced them that Gringas can cook!  We also took advantage of the gathering of students, families, and friends to celebrate the birthday of our beloved Leda with cake and a piñata –  we are so thankful for Leda and all that she does!

Estelar’s first Thanksgiving was also a first for the majority of our Tico guests, so it was a really special experience for everyone that we hope to repeat for many years to come.

** A huge THANK YOU to Greta Phillips for writing this blog!


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