Our Fifth Graduation Ceremony for English Students!

Last Saturday, May 19th, at 6pm, Instituto Estelar Bilingüe had its fifth graduation ceremony for 40 graduates in the English program! It was a short but lively ceremony with two student speakers – Laura and Eisinhawer, both graduates from the Low Intermediate I level – and lots of songs and speaking presentations by the kids in our popular kid’s program.

20 graduating kids performed the song, “This is the way we wash our hands…brush our teeth…tie our shoe…and pick our nose!”

As we are currently in the rainy season in Costa Rica, we worried that it would downpour and we would have to squish all the graduates and their family and friends into a classroom. Fortunately, it did not rain, but quite a few graduates did not attend the ceremony for fear it would rain.

About 70 people – graduates, family, and friends – crowded into the institute’s carport to watch the graduation ceremony!

The youngest graduate was little four-year-old Bianca, an extremely bright and adorable girl whose parents cancelled a family weekend trip in order to attend the ceremony. Her six-year-old classmate, Carolina, squealed with delight when her teacher, Greta, presented her with her certificate…and then, to all of our amusement, immediately asked, “¿Pero qué es eso?” (What’s this?).

Greta’s graduating class of 4-7 year olds! The little one on the right is our youngest student in the kid’s program, and the one next to her, Carolina, wasn’t quite sure what the certificate was, but she loved getting it!

While all the students deserve recognition, there is one student that we’d like to give special kudos to: Glendys, our scholarship student. Glendys came to us through Manos Abiertas, a non-profit organization that works in a needy neighborhood called Martinas Bustos. Glendys just learned how to read in the Manos Abiertas literacy program and joined our program four months ago to learn English. She is advancing well in Bethany’s class and plans to get extra help from Mary Anne, a Manos Abiertas founding member, who is also tutoring her mom in the literacy program.

We are very proud of Glendys, our scholarship student! Her mother (left), Mary Anne (from Manos Abiertas), Glendys, and Bethany (her teacher) posed for a picture at the ceremony.

A huge thanks to our receptionist, Gabby, for doing a great job with the preparations so that the ceremony could run smoothly. And an enormous thanks to the teachers, Tara, Greta, and Anna, for caring so much for their students!


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