Historic Night at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe!

Tonight, for the first time in Estelar history, we have five classrooms full of eager English students! We are very excited about being able to accomodate so many, now that the school is bigger, in the most requested schedule of 6 to 8 in the evening. 


Instituto Estelar Bilingüe in Liberia, Costa Rica!

Having larger facilities and growing student numbers is causing many positive changes at Estelar. For example, we now offer not one, but TWO English conversation clubs each week, both of which are well-attended.


Superstar English Conversation Club: Intermediate and Advanced students converse with teacher Greta while the beginner students meet in another room with teachers Melody and Bethany.

We are also starting to organize more weekend tours for Spanish and English students to our region’s incredible natural attractions. This past Sunday, we packed a mini-bus with 14 people and went to a beautiful beach during the day, and then to see baby turtles hatching and mama turtles laying eggs at night at Ostional National Park. It was a fun day for all!


Estelar English and Spanish students play soccer on the beach in Nosara on a day-trip organized by the school.


A recent graduation ceremony of our Spanish Estelar students!

Our Spanish program is also doing very well, slowly but surely attracting more students and making our school a lively place to be morning, afternoon, and evening!



8 responses to “Historic Night at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe!

  1. Wonderful to see the school’s ongoing growth!

  2. Bethany, I’m so pleased to read about your success! You’re a great example of how having a vision and working hard pays off! I hope to see your school some day during one of my visits to Costa Rica!

    • Thank you, Jane! It would be an honor to have you visit us during your next visit 🙂 When you get here, you’ll see SEVEN classes – our maximum capacity – full all day!

  3. I have been following up the institute, since it started, I remember to see Bethany Kirk painting every room with her friends. This institution combines all the keys to become a very succesful and huge bussiness: Love, hard work, dedication, sacrificie, and somebody chasing her dreams no matter what. Congratulations!!!

    • Thank you so much, Edenia! You have been a constant supporter of my school and me, and I really, really appreciate it! It is people like you who help me stay energized and motivated to keep hoping and working. A big hug and kiss to you and your beautiful family!

  4. Congratulations, Bethany, on the steady realization of your dream. You’re affecting so many lives in a positive way–and that includes yourself and me… yes me in my tiny office in Columbia College, buoyed a bit every time I read one of your blog entries.

    By the way, I get a touch of Costa Rica this Saturday morning. My son Liam’s soccer coach is married to a Costa Rican woman, and after this week’s game she’s having us over for gallo pinto. Yummmmm.


    • Thank you, Jim! I appreciate your encouraging words and support. Gallo pinto in California? It doesn’t get better than that! My first Spanish teacher at Colombia College was also married to a Costa Rican woman. I wonder if it’s the same guy. I can’t recall his name right now, but he was a fantastic teacher!

      Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read and post a comment!


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