Kid’s English Camp at Estelar!

We just finished an exciting two weeks of Kid’s English Camp at Estelar for kids ages 5 to 12 in our local community of Liberia. In Costa Rica, kids are on summer break in January, so we offered an intensive week-long course of four hours a day, five days a week – 20 hours of English practice each week! The course ran the last two weeks in January, and some kids took both weeks.Image

The kids had a blast, thanks to the wide variety of activities we planned. They started each day in a regular class environment of 8 kids per class where the teachers worked on specific English concepts and communication. Then the kids participated in all sorts of engaging activities: crafts, music, reading clubs, games, dance, yoga, aerobics, theatre and puppet show productions, and art…ALL IN ENGLISH!

See for yourself:

Melody, our talented English teacher and artist, worked with the kids on two different murals – one for each week!Image.Image

Brittany and Manuel did some fun crafts – making puppets, masks, castanets, bean art, and guitars out of recycled materials!



Reading is so important, so we set aside time every day for it. Here they are reading with English teacher Greta!


The kids loved playing the piano with Bethany in the student lounge!


Overall, we are very pleased with the results of Kid’s Camp. Students made significant progress in their English speaking abilities…and had a lot of fun doing so! We plan on having Kid’s Camp again in July when kids have a short break.



3 responses to “Kid’s English Camp at Estelar!

  1. You have such an awesome job (or calling, however you look at it). I only hope that my kids can have a teacher as dedicated as you Bethany. Take care and I hope to get to see your school first hand some day.

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