Featured Writer: José Fabián Solano Alvarado

We are very proud to showcase the writing of our advanced English student, José Fabián Solano Alvarado. He studies in Matthew’s evening class on Tuesday and Thursday nights and is an outstanding English speaker!


Estelar English teacher, Matthew (left) with his student and our featured writer, José Fabián.

The Best and the Worst
Sometimes we have a wonderful time. One of those days, I will always remember what happened when my first daughter was born. For me, it was a special occasion because that made me a father, which meant more responsibilities and the duty of taking care in the growing of a new human being.
Really, I was very happy. I think it was one of the best things that happened to me. I am proud of my older daughter. She is still with us, and she got a professional degree in education.
We also have bad experiences. I suffered a lot when I lost my mother. She was very kind and loved me when I was a child. But suddenly one day, my parents got divorced. My mother went far away and I stayed with my father. I was six years old, and I didn’t know about her for about twenty years.
When I finally met her again, I was angry and resentful because I thought she had forgotten me. I didn’t know that she had been writing letters to me every day, but my father threw them away and I didn’t get any letters. I was sure that my mother had abandoned me. That was the worst thing that has happened to me.
Now, she is in heaven but I feel her very close to me.
Playing Chess
One game that I like is the chess. It is fascinating. I learned to play it when I was young and I still love it. I haven’t practiced it for a long time, but I think I could play it again if I met friends to play with.
Playing chess requires a lot of conversation and to develop the skill of thinking. It is kind of a sport for smart people, because it requires analysis and dedication to study it.
It would be interesting to teach this game to the new generation. I believe it could be a good opportunity of practicing a different sport, and maybe it will help them to open their minds.



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