5 Ways to Be Happy

We are proud to share a piece of writing from one of our high intermediate English students, Andy Arias. Not only does he have some fantastic tips for being happy, but the writing is excellent!

The best way to be happy is to laugh. Making others happy.

If you can laugh at yourself and circumstances of life, you’ll be a very happy person. We have to find happy people that make us laugh, positive people and people who have lots of fun. Is not good to be a bitter person because this can be the cause of we haven’t friends. We need to try to see the god side to every situation with a little humorous. It’s all about attitude.

Not everything is perfect. Rate what you have.

We need to learn to see the positive side of things. We should not expect everything to be “perfect.” To learn that in life is not all moments are good, there are some worse than others and some are undesirable. The key is to accept the bad facts without any frustration. …Live life crazy.


Andy (far left) with his English classmates and teacher Greta at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe.

Move your body, exercise your mind.

Move the body, practice a sport, do some physical activity, stimulate your mind through dance or a walk in the park, going to the beach, do yoga, jump. If you do not want to move the body, then exercise the mind with logic games, read, sing.

Peace and love!

We must forgive. No problems with anyone. While you have feelings, it will be impossible to be happy. The good thing is that forgiveness does not release the other person of his guilt, but it liberates us from suffering.

After forgiving, it’s like removing a load off and feel peace, stop thinking about why we was with problems in the past.

Be yourself.

You can only be happy if you act like you really are. Do not live the life of other people trying to do impressions. People can expect that you have some work or some form of life but we should not do it just for that. You need to know who you are. Be yourself. Don’t act.


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