Spanish School for Older Learners


Peter and Chris donated some lovely children’s books to our weekly Kid’s Club for children in the community. Here they are with Instituto Estelar Bilingüe director, Bethany Kirk.

Every student that studies Spanish with us leaves a special print on our historic house in downtown Liberia, Costa Rica. We especially enjoy having 50-, 60-, and 70-somethings participate in our senior-friendly immersion classes as they are really eager to learn and excited to be here. It is a delight to see their joy as they improve their Spanish, meet new people, and experience the culture.

Peter and Chris from Canada, who recently studied for two weeks with us, are no exception. Here is what Chris had to say about her experience:

“My husband and I wanted to experience life in Costa Rica beyond the walls of a resort. We had an interest in learning Spanish. We also were seeking a cultural experience.This was definitely the place to come for that. Our host homestay family welcomed two weary travellers as though we were family. We will never forget their hospitality.The most difficult part of our stay will be saying goodbye.

Our walk to the school each day was an experience we will forever treasure. Central Liberia is not like any North American city I have visited. The sights for example – Ox carts in rush hour traffic, or the organized choas over a one way bridge – made me realise this is not a North American rush hour. Fortunately, they have no road rage here. The car horns are only used to express Pura Vida and the procession over the bridge is smooth. The people in he neighbourhood soon recognized us as strangers and shared warm greetings each day and some even gave mini garden tours.

The school is in the historic area of Liberia and the school itself is in a historic bulding. The cafes in the area are quaint and the food is great! The school is run in very professional manner. The teachers are well-prepared as Spanish instructors. Bethany, the director, is very welcoming and did a great job before we arrived in preparing us for what to expect when we arrived, The school is kept very clean, and all the reception staff were helpful in every possible way,

If you are looking for something a little different and want to expand your Spanish speaking skills, this might be just what you are loking for!”

Thank you, Chris! We loved having you  here!


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