Third Annual Thanksgiving Feast at Estelar!

Last Friday night, we celebrated Thanksgiving at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe with our friends in the community – around 200 of them! As always, it was potluck style, so each person brought food to share. The English teachers and school director prepared the traditional Thanksgiving dishes, like stuffing (we found Stovetop!), mashed potatoes, greenbean casserole, pumpkin pie, etc. We substituted chicken for turkey since turkey is really pricey here, but no one seemed to notice the difference.Image

We opened the event by explaining that Thanksgiving in the United States is a time to reflect on what we are thankful for. It is also a time to be with family, and since we (the gringos) are alone without our families here in Costa Rica, we invited the community to be our family.

After dinner, we had a lovely graduation ceremony for English students (not all attended the ceremony).


Finally, we surprised the kids with a Turkey piñata, which was handmade by two of our English students, Silvia and Kattya Alvarado!


Our guests really enjoyed the event and told us so repeatedly. It was a really special time, and we will do it again next year!


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