Donations Needed for the English Spelling Bee in Costa Rica!

The National Costa Rican English Spelling Bee needs donations to complete its mission in including all schools in Guanacaste in the competition! If you can help or need more information, please contact Peace Corps volunteer and Spelling Bee organizer, Abby Taylor: abbyt12334

Spelling Bee

The Costa Rica English Spelling Bee is an initiative of the Peace Corps Costa Rica TEFL program and the Costa Rica Ministry of Education (MEP) with a goal of providing students all over Costa Rica the opportunity to showcase their abilities in English language usage.  This year, the goal is to expand this initiative to provide students with the opportunity to not only spell in English but also to act, sing, read poetry and engage all of their creative facilities through the use of English. The Costa Rica English Spelling Bee has progressed from being solely a local, circuit and regional competition to now being a National event and priority.  
estelarspanishclasses (2)

Abby studies Spanish at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe and asked the director, Bethany, to help her find donors for the Spelling Bee — hence this blog!

The Costa Rica English Spelling Bee has grown throughout the years from merely a handful of schools and students competing, to participants competing from all areas of the country. In the 2013 Spelling Bee competition, roughly 500 students increased their level of English through their practice for the Spelling Bee competitions. This participation raised the confidence and self-esteem of these students competing both inside and outside of the classroom.
The spirit behind this project is the belief in the power of growing ourselves and influencing growth in others. The Spelling Bee project provides another platform to do so, and it is more than just learning how to spell in English.  The National Spelling Bee which will be held on November 20th in Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica will give Costa Rican students who have never traveled outside of their hometown communities the chance to see another part of the country, and allow them to meet other young people to share friendship, ideas, and an unforgettable experience. 
Your kind donation would be greatly appreciated and allow the completion of this project as a successful and inspiring event for all students and teachers in Costa Rica.  If you are interested in donating to this national project please contact Abby at
For more information about this important project, please visit

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