Who Am I?, by Alejandro / ¿Quién Soy?, por Alejandro

introAlejandro (3rd from the right) with his Saturday morning class / Alejandro (el tercero de la derecha) con su clase los sábados por la mañana

“Alejandro is an excellent student. He is always happy and he brings a fun energy to the class. He is smart and dedicated, and I am excited to see him and his class become more fluent English speakers!” –Alejandro’s teacher

Alejandro started classes at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe just three months ago. As a beginner student, he knew very basic English like “hello”, “good morning”, “thank you”, and other simple phrases. Last Saturday, he completed the Intro 1 course and will be advancing to the next level. In addition to learning lots of new phrases and vocabulary, now he can confidently meet new people in English, ask and answer questions, talk about himself and his family, and participate in various conversations.  His written assignment was very well done and it shows how much a committed student can learn in just 3 months.

My name is Alejandro today I’m going to talk about who I am, I have 18 years old, I’m a fun person who likes to play sports and hang out with my friends, I have a nice job where I am happy to work, I have a beautiful family, my mothers name is Helen and my brothers Johan and Justin which I love very much because they are very special to me. 

I like sports, football, volleyball and tennis, I like to drive car and bike, I like going to the movies and to the beach with my friends. I am taking a course which I like classes the teacher who is Pura Vida also enjoy my classmates. I live in Liberia, very nice place to go to enjoy whit my friends in the park.

“Alejandro es un excelente estudiante. Siempre está contento y trae energía positiva a la clase. Es inteligente y dedicado, y ¡estoy emocionada de verlo a él y a su clase convertirse en hablantes de inglés cada vez más fluidos!”– profesora de Alejandro

Alejandro comenzó las clases en el Instituto Estelar Bilingüe hace apenas tres meses. Como estudiante principiante, él hablaba un inglés muy básico como “Hola”, “Good morning”, “Thank you” y otras frases sencillas. El sábado pasado, completó el curso Intro 1 y avanzará al siguiente nivel. Además de aprender muchas frases nuevas y vocabulario, ahora puede tener más confianza para hacer nuevos amigos que hablan inglés, hacer preguntas o responderlas, hablar de sí mismo o de su familia y participar en varias conversaciones. Su asignación escrita estuvo muy bien y demuestra cuánto puede aprender un estudiante comprometido en tan solo 3 meses.


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