Changes at Estelar!/ Cambios en Estelar!

Don’t worry, your thermometer isn’t broken! The extreme heat isn’t your imagination, it’s things heating up at Instituto Estelar! We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening, one of which is a recent change of staff. We recently gained wonderful new teachers for our English program, and we’re excited about the new additions to our ever growing community. Unfortunately, with new teachers we have to say “hasta luego!” to English teachers we’ve grown to love.

In June, we begrudgingly said goodbye to English Teacher and Marketing Representative, Sharai Kirk. Sharai joined the Estelar community in June of 2013 and in January 2014 she took over as Marketing Representative. Always dependable, Sharai contributed a lot to the environment at Estelar. Not only was she an exemplar employee, always working hard and respectfully, she was warm and receptive to her new co-workers, working as a mentor for new teachers on many occasions, and her students. Her spirit of volunteerism was easily seen in her willingness to help with school events. Also, as a marketing representative, she took on the huge task of creating and maintaining a beautiful new website, promoted the school on countless social media and networking sites, and so much more. You will be sorely missed, Sharai!

Stepping up to the challenge of Marketing Representative is our former Head English Teacher, Kate Dowd. Kate has been with us since January 2014 and in January of this year, she acted as Head Teacher to help teachers new to Estelar, help maintain an organized and peaceful environment, and aid the Director in any special projects. She put in a lot of hard work and we’re grateful for all her help and look forward to what she accomplishes as a Marketing Representative. In her time as a full time teacher, Kate also took on the task of creating new QwASVO posters for the rooms at the school, creating a new mural for the new school, and painting a photo cut out for students to take their picture with. Keep it up, Kate!



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