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A Year of Awesome Students and Staff / Un año de estudiantes y personal sobresalientes

It has been one year since we started recognizing the amazing people of Instituto Estelar in the form of Stellar Teacher of the Month and Student of the Month — “Estelares del Mes.” We are so proud to have such incredible staff and students that make our school great! We want to recognize this achievement one more time and thank them for their hard work, positive attitudes, and stellar dedication.

Ha pasado un año desde que comenzamos a  hacer reconocimiento a la increíble gente del Instituto Estelar, escogiendo un profesor y  un estudiante del mes – los estelares del mes. Estamos muy orgullosos de nuestros estudiantes y personal  del instituto! Queremos reconocer otra vez  su gran logro, duro trabajo, actitud positiva y su dedicación!

Estelares abr 2013-2014


Abril 2013: Greta y Teo

Mayo 2013: Melody y Ana Maria

Junio 2013: Merlyn y Lee

Julio 2013: Manuel y Hellen

Agosto 2013: Sharai y Diego

Setiembre 2013: Brittany y Felipe

Octubre 2013: Rosa y Jasmine

Noviembre 2013: Gabriela

Diciembre 2013 y Enero 2014: Stephanie y Emily

Febrero 2014: Sonia y Charlotte

Marzo 2014: Kate y Amelia

Abril 2014: Kate y Valeria



Our English students are the best!

We are very proud to display more writing from our high intermediate English students, Yuran and Dinia. Their teachers submitted their writing to be published on this blog. Happy reading, and congratulations to these excellent students!

Memorable experience – Yuran

I’m going to tell about one of my best experiences.  It was when I was just 6 years old and I really liked the race car. I liked seeing car competitions on tv. My dad at that time participated in motorcycle racing and I started my experience with adrenaline. My dad took me to see racing in guacima highway and you have no idea I liked me to see to those cars close. My uncle brought a mini car from USA and I thought I will could use this car the front of my garage only for practices.

One day my dad told me we were going out to visit my grandparents and that was a lie because it was not going to be right there. It was a surprise to take me to a place where they had a highway. I was very happy I could not believe that. Then I went every weekend to practice because my intention was to have the goal…a professional competition but I knew it was a effort to training and could do it. When I was 7 and participate this competition, I remember it was a Sunday and I was very nervous to see this place so full. The first laps I feel good during the race and I had confidence. Not win the competition but I really enjoyed.  I remember I had the tv interviews and photos with all other participants. I could not continue to participate because it is very expensive sport and had to study. Also participate in motorcycle rally car events and water 4×4 when had more age.



Yuran is the student sitting on the left side of teacher Nate. This is his English class at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe in Liberia, Costa Rica.

Trip Unforgettable – Dinia

This Easter week was wonderful because my boyfriend and me had 1 week off. So we planning visit different parts of Costa Rica that didn’t know before. We coordinate all necessary for the trip many weeks before because we wanted  that it was cheap, so we had to planning all very well. First I rented a car 1 month before, them I looked basic information and advice about the places to visit, and I coordinate the travel route. The places that were in our plans were: Zoological Tempisque, Barra Honda Caves and National Park Tenorio. For visit our first place we preparing: A car, cash, back pack, comfortable shoes for long hiking, food and beverage, repellent, sunblock, hat and camera. Zoological Tempisque is located in Rosario downtown. The way is long and most of the street doesn´t has good conditions, only from Liberia to Nicoya  there is paved street. When we arrive the tourist guide brings us the welcome and the tour.

This place open daily from 9am to 4pm. In this place we can see variety of wild animals like: Tapir, Scarlet Macaws, Monkeys, Emus, Ocelots, Small mountain tiger, crocodiles, Green iguanas, capibaras, Boa constrictors, Guatuzas, Tepezcuintle, danta, White tail deer and others.

To visit Tempisque Safari is an unforgettable experience, not only because you can observe and photograph an impressive variety of wild animals in their natural hábitat, but you can also interact with many of them.

Next day we went to visit Barra Honda Caves, for visit this place we prepared confortable and fresh cloth, shoes for long hiking, sunblock, camera and a lot water. Barra Honda is unique among the National Parks of Costa Rica its main attraction is an intricate large system of limestone cavers wich has a multitude of forms and figures. Before that people believed that Barra Honda was a volcano because they misinterpreted the whirring of bat wings for volcanic activity, and the aroma of guano for sulfur. The calcareous formation of the limestone caverns at the park are the main visitor attraction, wich are only estimated to be 50% explored. This place its really magic.

After that our final stop will be Tenorio National Park were we can find Rios Celeste.

The main visitor attraction there is Rio Celeste. Tenorio Volcano National Park a trip here involves a moderately challenging, but for me, was a big challenging of 3hrs hike through parks secondary forest, an effort that is well worth the trip. Two rivers merge into one at borbollones, a confluence where the minerals from the river and volcano meet and create the famous blue color. (sulfur and calcium carbonate). In addition to the colorful attraction of the water the river also has several thermal hot springs and a large waterfall. All the places that visit were wonderful, I recommended go to visit.


Dinia is the student standing up! This is her English class with Sharai from California at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe.

Easter Traditions in the US / Tradiciones de la Pascua en los EEUU


Holy Week and Easter are coming up soon! While most people in Costa Rica are planning a trip to the beach, traveling, or spending a relaxing week with family and friends, people in the United States are getting ready to celebrate in an entirely different way.

Easter has evolved dramatically in North America. While some people still take this time to go to church and observe the religious holiday, the majority participate in more modern traditions like painting eggs with bright colors and doing egg hunts where children walk around an open space to search for hidden eggs. This holiday is symbolized by candy shaped like eggs, a cute bunny or duck, brightly painted eggs, and happy colors like pink, yellow, green, and light blue.

On Monday, April 14 we are going to have a special event in place of Conversation Club. We will discuss Easter traditions in the States, paint eggs of our own, and have a hunt for candy in the institute. This event is open to the public but we ask that participants bring their own hard-boiled eggs to paint. We hope to see you there!


¡Semana Santa ya viene pronto! Mientras que la mayoría de personas en Costa Rica está planeando un viaje a la playa, o pasar una semana relajada con familiares y amigos, personas en Estados Unidos se están preparando para celebrar de una forma totalmente diferente.

Pascua ha evolucionado notablemente en América del norte. Mientras que algunas personas todavía aprovechan este momento para ir a la iglesia y observar las fiestas religiosas, la mayoría participan en tradiciones más modernas como pintar huevos con colores brillantes y haciendo búsquedas del huevo donde los niños caminan alrededor de un espacio abierto para buscar los huevos escondidos. Esta festividad es simbolizada por dulces en forma de huevos pintados de brillantes y vivos colores como el rosa, amarillo, verde y celeste, un lindo conejo o pato.

El lunes, 14 de abril vamos a tener un evento especial en lugar de Club de Conversación. Discutiremos las tradiciones de Pascua de los Estados Unidos, pintar huevos de pascua y tener una búsqueda de dulces en el instituto. Este evento está abierto al público, pero pedimos que los participantes traigan sus propios huevos duros para pintar. ¡Esperamos verlos allí!


An English Student’s Review / Una reseña de un estudiante de inglés


Felipe was the student of the month in September 2013. Here he is with his first English teacher at Estelar, Brittany!

Felipe was the student of the month in September 2013. Here he is with his first English teacher at Estelar, Brittany!

Felipe just finished our most advanced level in the basic English program. We are very proud of him!

Felipe’s Review of Instituto Estelar Bilingüe:

After my first class in the Institute, I had already started to feel a nice vibe with my classmates and also with Brittany, my first teacher. She was my teacher and also one of my best friends. I remember the time that I used to go earlier to the Institute just to practice Spanish with her before our class began…

Also every time that I went to Spanglish was terrific! My first Spanglish was in Bar Kasa, but they closed the bar, so Bethany decided to go to Baula’s… and that was the first time that I met Cara, who would be my teacher for a few weeks and during those few weeks she was so cool with us. We called for a pizza on the last day of having class with her and 3 months later I met my third teacher Sharai… she is a wonderful girl with so many qualities. During the class she had a lot of ideas and funny games, like Mafia, Hot Potato and I remember the time that we had the speed dating. In addition I met a lot of special people, like Stephanie, Nate, Hanna, Melody, Greta and Manuel (all English teachers at Estelar). In summary, I owe a lot to Bethany, the director of Estelar, because thanks to her I had this awesome experience.


Felipe acaba de terminar el nivel más avanzado en nuestro programa básico de inglés. ¡Estamos muy orgullosos de él!

La reseña de Felipe sobre Instituto Estelar Bilingüe

Desde mi primera clase en el Instituto,  comencé  a sentir un ambiente agradable con mis compañeros y también con Brittany mi primera profesora. Ella era mi profesora y también una de mis mejores amigas. Recuerdo que yo solía ir antes al Instituto para practicar español con ella antes de que comenzara nuestra clase…

También, ¡siempre fue fantástico ir Spanglish! Recuerdo que mi primer Spanglish fue en Bar Kasa, pero cerraron el bar y Bethany decidió ir a Baulas… y fue la primera vez que conocí a Cara. Ella sería mi profesora por unas semanas y durante esas semanas fue genial con nosotros. El último día de clases con ella pedimos una pizza y 3 meses después conocí a mi tercera profesora Sharai… es una chica maravillosa con muchas cualidades. Durante las clases siempre tenía un montón de ideas y juegos divertidos, como Mafia, patata caliente y recuerdo el tiempo que teníamos las citas rápidas. Además he conocido a mucha gente especial, como Stephanie, Hanna, Nate, Melody, Greta y Manuel (todos los profesores de inglés en Estelar). En resumen le debo mucho a Bethany, la directora de Estelar, porque gracias a ella tuve esta increíble experiencia.

My Journey at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe / Mi Viaje en Instituto Estelar Bilingüe


Mackenzie (on the far left) was an advanced student in our English program.

McKenzie’s Review of Instituto Estelar Bilingüe: 

Since I was around 12 I had this feeling about wanting to learn English, especially after listening to some artists. After time passed by I learnt little by little until I reached a decent level.

Now that I’m older (22) and I almost finished my major I really needed to find a place in which I could improve my English plus a place where teachers weren’t Latin Americans.

After a while I found Instituto Estelar Bilingüe, I went there and I really liked the place so I decided to study there. Even though my experience was only 3 months long I had a great time. Everyone is really nice from the receptionists to the lovely director Bethany to the nice teachers, in my case Sharai.

What makes IEB different it’s the fact that the teachers are native from North America plus the classes aren’t boring at all. They’re super dynamic, you have conversation, games and more. On the other hand IEB offers free conversation 3 times a week 1 hour which is nice, they also have Spanish for people who speak English and they have this program for helping the community in Liberia.

Basically I do not regret taking the level at IEB it was a nice experience I met new people and had the chance to improve my English, so I hope more people go to IEB, you will not regret it!


La reseña de McKenzie sobre Instituto Estelar Bilingüe: 

Desde que yo tenía alrededor de 12 años tuve esa sensación de querer aprender inglés, especialmente después de escuchar a algunos artistas. Después pasó el tiempo, aprendí poco a poco hasta que llegué a tener un buen nivel.

Ahora que estoy más viejo (22 años) y casi he acabado mi carrera, lo que realmente andaba buscando era un lugar en el que yo pudiera mejorar mi nivel de inglés además de un lugar donde los profesores no fueran latinoamericanos.

Después de un tiempo encontré Instituto Estelar Bilingüe, fui y me encanto el lugar por lo que decidí empezar a  estudiar. A pesar de que solo estuve 3 meses, fue una gran experiencia, todos ahí son muy agradables desde las recepcionistas hasta la amigable directora Bethany los excelentes profesores, en mi caso Sharai.

¿Qué es lo que hace diferente al Instituto Estelar Bilingüe? El hecho de que todos los profesores son nativos hablantes de inglés (norteamericanos)  y que  las clases no son aburridas son súper dinámicas: mucha conversación, juegos y mucho más. Por otro lado IEB ofrece clubes de conversación gratis 3 veces a la semana (1 hora 3 veces a la semana), también tienen clases de español para personas que hablan inglés y tienen estos clubes para ayudar a la comunidad de Liberia.

Básicamente no lamento a ver estudiado en  IEB fue  una experiencia interesante pude conocer gente nueva y tuve la oportunidad de mejorar mi inglés, de manera que espero que más gente vaya a IEB, no te arrepentirás!

Helping Kids in our Community / Ayudando a niños de la comunidad

Learning English can help improve a Costa Rican’s future. At Instituto Estelar, we want to help make English classes available to children who want to learn but need help paying for the materials to do so.

Vera is a single mother living in a low-income neighborhood, and she wants her children to learn English so that they can have better lives and improve their situation. Her six year-old daughter, Keiryn, and eight year-old son, Densel, are eager to study English and have been asking to take classes for some time.

We recently enrolled Keiryn and Densel into our kids program and gave them scholarships to cover their monthly tuition. An organization that gives shoes to needy children, Souls Helping Soles, will be giving them new shoes to wear to school and future English classes. However, we still need help paying for their books. The books cost 30.000 colones and we already have 10.000 in donations.

You can help send these stellar children to school with the materials they need!

If you are interested in donating, please contact the director, Bethany, at Info@estelarcr.com or 2665-6921. Thank you so much for helping us give this opportunity to local children!

Vera, showed here with her two full-scholarship children in Instituto Estelar Bilingüe’s Kid’s English Program, works hard to keep our campus clean.

Aprender inglés puede mejorar el futuro de los costarricenses. En el Instituto Estelar, queremos que clases de inglés sean accesibles a los niños que quieren aprender, pero necesitamos ayuda en pagar los materiales de clase.

Vera es una madre soltera que vive en Nazareth de Liberia, y ella quiere que sus hijos aprendan inglés para que tengan un mejor nivel de vida y mejoren su situación. Su hija de seis años, Keiryn, e hijo de ocho años, Densel, han tenido ganas de estudiar inglés con nosotros.

Recientemente se matricularon Densel y Keiryn en nuestro programa para niños y les hemos dado becas completas para pagar sus mensualidades. Una organización que da zapatos a niños de recursos bajos que se llama Souls Helping Soles les va a dar zapatos nuevos para usar en las clases de inglés. Sin embargo, todavía necesitan ayuda para pagar sus libros. Los libros cuestan 30.000 colones y ya tenemos 10.000 en donaciones.

Usted puede ayudar a estos estudiantes estelares con los materiales que necesitan.

Si usted está interesado en colaborar, por favor comuníquese con la directora, Bethany, en Info@estelarcr.com o 2665-6921. ¡Muchas gracias por ayudarnos a dar la oportunidad a los niños de Liberia!

Liberia Trash Pick-Up / Campaña de limpieza en Liberia


Estelar staff participating in the clean-up event.

With the Women’s World Cup starting this weekend, people from all over the world will be traveling to Liberia to watch the games. Before they come, however, a few groups wanted to clean up the city by picking up the trash that litters the streets. Instituto Estelar joined other companies and universities to do a trash pick-up at 7:30am yesterday. We worked for nearly three hours, making our way through various parts of the city.  Before we left, we enjoyed cold water and sandwiches that were donated to the project.

It was rewarding to see the transformation of the streets we covered, and to be thanked by local people walking by. However, it was very discouraging to see new bags of garbage carelessly thrown on the ground in an area we had just finished cleaning.

Picking up trash is a humble task that is great volunteer work, but it will not completely solve the problem. There is a lack of education that needs to be addressed. Many people in Guanacaste grew up seeing signs on the bus that say “Throw garbage out the windows.” Although this is not seen on the buses today, it is this bad education that leads people to continue to litter and damage the beauty of Liberia.

Instituto Estelar Bilingüe plans to get involved in more trash pick-up events. We are also interested in starting an anti-littering campaign, starting with children in our kids classes and upcoming tutoring programs. With greater awareness of the problem and regular clean-ups, we hope that Liberia will be cleaner, prettier, and more appealing in the future.


Buses used to encourage throwing garbage out the window. Thank goodness that is no longer the case; however, old habits die hard.

Con la Copa mundial de Fútbol Femenino empezando este fin de semana, la gente de todo el mundo, estarán viajando a Liberia para ver los partidos. Antes de empezar, sin embargo, algunos grupos querían limpiar la ciudad y recoger la basura de las calles. Instituto Estelar se unió a otras empresas y universidades recogiendo la basura ayer. Trabajamos durante casi tres horas, caminando a diversas partes de la ciudad. Antes de irnos, disfrutamos agua fría y bocadillos que fueron donados al proyecto.

Fue muy gratificante ver la transformación de las calles que cubrimos, y ser agradecidos por algunos Liberianos en la calle. Sin embargo, fue muy desalentador cuando vimos un par de bolsas de basura tirado de nuevo en una zona que ya habíamos limpiado.

Recoger la basura es una tarea humilde y un gran trabajo voluntario, pero no soluciona completamente el problema. Hay una falta de conciencia que debe ser mejorado. Muchas personas en Guanacaste crecieron viendo los rótulos en los buses que dijeron “Tirar basura por las ventanas.” A pesar de que este no se vea en los autobuses hoy, esta es la mala educación que influye a la gente a seguir con malos hábitos, dañando la belleza de Liberia.

Instituto Estelar Bilingüe va a participar en más campañas de limpieza. También estamos interesados en iniciar una campaña contra el abandono de desperdicios, empezando con los niños en nuestro programa de inglés para niños y un programa de tutoría que tendremos próximamente. Con una mayor conciencia del problema y limpieza regularmente, esperamos que Liberia sea más limpia, más linda y más atractiva en el futuro.