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Club A

“I think the best way of doing good to the poor is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.” -Benjamin Franklin

At Instituto Estelar Bilingüe, we believe that education can be the greatest fighter of poverty. For this reason, we are excited about an up-and-coming non-profit organization right here in Liberia! Instituto Estelar is proud to support the efforts of Club A, an organization dedicated to helping local underprivileged children continue in school and excel. Club A provides tutoring, English lessons, and a healthy snack to select groups of children from Nazareth Elementary School. In addition, Club A is raising funds to help pay for the expensive books, uniforms, and supplies that can make attending school difficult or impossible for many Costa Rican children. Instituto Estelar is getting involved by providing the space for these activities as well as English-speaking volunteers. We are delighted to be part of this amazing cause and excited to see the amazing work that Club A will do for the children of Liberia!

You can get involved! Donations and volunteers are needed to help the organization grow and to help as many students as possible. For more information, contact ClubALiberia@gmail.com or donate below.


“Yo creo que la mejor manera de hacer el bien a los pobres no es ayudarles a seguir en la pobreza, sino impulsarles o motivarles a salir de ella.”-Benjamin Franklin

En el Instituto Estelar Bilingüe, creemos que la educación puede ser la mejor herramienta de la pobreza. Por esta razón, estamos entusiasmados con una organización sin fines de lucro emergente aquí en Liberia. Instituto Estelar está orgulloso de apoyar los esfuerzos del Club A, una organización dedicada a ayudarles a niños de escasos recursos locales a seguir en la escuela y sobresalir. Club A ofrece tutorías, clases de inglés y un refrigerio saludable para grupos de niños seleccionados de la escuela primaria de Nazareth. Además, el Club A está recaudando donaciones para ayudar a pagar los libros, uniformes y útiles escolares. Instituto Estelar se involucrará al proporcionar el espacio para estas actividades y también buscar voluntarios de habla inglesa. Estamos encantados de ser parte de esta increíble causa y emocionado de ver el increíble trabajo que hará Club A para los niños de Liberia.

Usted puede involucrarse. Donaciones y voluntarios son necesarios para ayudar que la organización crezca y ayude a tantos estudiantes como sea posible. Para obtener más información, póngase en contacto con ClubALiberia@gmail.com o done abajo.



Easter Traditions in the US / Tradiciones de la Pascua en los EEUU


Holy Week and Easter are coming up soon! While most people in Costa Rica are planning a trip to the beach, traveling, or spending a relaxing week with family and friends, people in the United States are getting ready to celebrate in an entirely different way.

Easter has evolved dramatically in North America. While some people still take this time to go to church and observe the religious holiday, the majority participate in more modern traditions like painting eggs with bright colors and doing egg hunts where children walk around an open space to search for hidden eggs. This holiday is symbolized by candy shaped like eggs, a cute bunny or duck, brightly painted eggs, and happy colors like pink, yellow, green, and light blue.

On Monday, April 14 we are going to have a special event in place of Conversation Club. We will discuss Easter traditions in the States, paint eggs of our own, and have a hunt for candy in the institute. This event is open to the public but we ask that participants bring their own hard-boiled eggs to paint. We hope to see you there!


¡Semana Santa ya viene pronto! Mientras que la mayoría de personas en Costa Rica está planeando un viaje a la playa, o pasar una semana relajada con familiares y amigos, personas en Estados Unidos se están preparando para celebrar de una forma totalmente diferente.

Pascua ha evolucionado notablemente en América del norte. Mientras que algunas personas todavía aprovechan este momento para ir a la iglesia y observar las fiestas religiosas, la mayoría participan en tradiciones más modernas como pintar huevos con colores brillantes y haciendo búsquedas del huevo donde los niños caminan alrededor de un espacio abierto para buscar los huevos escondidos. Esta festividad es simbolizada por dulces en forma de huevos pintados de brillantes y vivos colores como el rosa, amarillo, verde y celeste, un lindo conejo o pato.

El lunes, 14 de abril vamos a tener un evento especial en lugar de Club de Conversación. Discutiremos las tradiciones de Pascua de los Estados Unidos, pintar huevos de pascua y tener una búsqueda de dulces en el instituto. Este evento está abierto al público, pero pedimos que los participantes traigan sus propios huevos duros para pintar. ¡Esperamos verlos allí!


What people are saying about Instituto Estelar Bilingüe’s Spanish Program

We are excited to see such positive feedback on Google reviews from our clients. Thank you for taking the time to write a review! Here’s what they’re saying about studying Spanish in Liberia, Costa Rica, with us:

Greta: The Spanish classes at Instituto Estelar Bilingue are great! They are interactive and fun while still being practical and challenging. I took a few weeks of intensive Spanish classes in 2012 and 2013. What sets Estelar apart from the rest is its bilinugal atmosphere – since there are English classes for local Costa Ricans and Spanish classes for us, there are a lot of opportunities for language exchange and getting to know great people. A bilingual conversation club, called Spanglish, and volunteering with the kids groups were particularly fun! Highly recommended! Pura vida!

Cassie: Estelar is a wonderful place to learn or practice your spanish. You have classes every morning, afternoon activities to practice using your spanish as well as trips on the weekends. You also have the opportunity to stay in a Tico home. I was able to stay with a family that was truly amazing, They helped me with my spanish and invited me into their everyday family activities. Between the great teachers, the city and it’s people I would definitely recommend Estelar. I hope I get the chance to go back some day!


Spanish class with Rosa!

Maria: Had classes at Estelar for 2 months and went back home with a profound understanding of Spanish grammar. They really demand a lot (!) – it’s not only a school to spend time, but a proper educational institution with serious attitude to learning process. Books are designed in-house and are included in fees, so are activities. Recommend to anyone who is eager to learn Spanish up to higher level (I came with intermediate and was very happy with the knowledge I was getting).

Shelley: We took some beginner Spanish classes at Estelar during our 10 day visit. The owner and staff were incredibly accommodating; not only making suggestions about class times that would best fit our schedule, but also offering recommendations on where to stay, eat and “play” in the quaint little town of Liberia. We took classes in the morning and then had the opportunity to explore in the afternoon, including short trips to waterfalls, a national park, hot springs and several stunning beaches in the Guanacaste province. Our teachers were kind and helpful and we also had the opportunity to meet other travelers and local Ticos. This school is an excellent place to experience authentic Costa Rican warmth and charm. This area is not “Gringoland” and you will actually get to practice some of that Spanish you are learning. We plan to return in the future, because we did not feel like temporary language students. We truly felt a part of their school and community.


Cooking class with Dayana!

Jasmine: I am a long term student here. Bethany is a very caring person who hires caring teachers as well. She also offers extra curricular activities for everyday life here that is very useful. She and her teachers try their best for providing students with a fun and learning environment. I would recommend to others.

Sharon: If you are planning on learning Spanish and at the same time some local culture, I would recommend Instituto Estelar Bilingue. The class is fun and at the same time informative. The classes are held in Liberia , and some at the beach in Playas del Coco. So have some fun and learn a language at the same time.


Spanish for Expats in Playas del Coco, held at Green Life Academy!

Greg: I took a week-long intensive last spring. I was a beginner, and an old one at that. I spoke Spanish, every day, for 4 hours a day, for a week, in class. And then, I went home and took a nap. The teachers were enthusiastic, devoted, friendly and helpful, as were the extracurricular activities we experienced. Definitely got my money’s worth.

Miriam: Excelente! Wow. I had a fabulous time studying Spanish at Instituto Bilingue Estelar. Even though I could only take a week to study, my Spanish improved soooooo much — I found my confidence and fluency had really taken a “Quantum Leap” when I came back, I just naturally found myself speaking Spanish to anyone I met who spoke Spanish. I loved the Bilingual experience and the “Spanglish Hour” — met great people — my teacher was adorable, creative, and fantastic — Bethany (the director) is super caring, helpful, dedicated — and I learned to cook Gallo Pinto and also had a GREAT time learning (finally) to Salsa Dance! era completamente fantastico. Muchas gracias.


Proud Spanish graduates of our Intensive Spanish program!

Manuel: The school is in an adorable historic house in the middle of a quiet city with everything you need within walking distance and everything you want to do in Costa Rica within reach. Beaches, parks, volcanoes, everything you’ve dreamt of when you dreamt of Costa Rica is just a bus ride away. The teachers are all native speakers and are very good at correcting errors to increase fluency and the classes are small which means you get a lot of personal attention.


More happy Spanish students at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe.

Christine: In November my husband and I attended Spanish immersion at the Estelar Biligue in Liberia Costa Rica. We had been pleased with our trips to a resort in the area but we wanted to have a cultural experience as well as learn some Spanish. We spent 2 weeks in the program and lived at a Home Stay arranged by Bethany the director. When we had our final day at the Institute and with our Home Stay family I was really sad that my amazing adventure had come to an end. Our trip was everything we had hoped for and more…

See more of this review and write your own at https://www.google.co.cr/search?q=Instituto+estelar+bilingue&oq=Institu&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i57j69i60l3j69i59.1488j0j8&sourceid=chrome&espv=210&es_sm=122&ie=UTF-8#lrd=lrd.

Spanish for Expats in Coco starts on Monday!

This Monday, January 13, 2014, we will start our third session in Playas del Coco of our Spanish for Expats program. We have three groups of 3-6 students in the first, second, and fourth levels. There is still room in two of the classes if you are interested in signing up!

We have made a slight change to the course schedule and are excited to see the results. This session, the classes will meet twice a week instead of once a week, and the course will finish in six weeks instead of three months. We expect to see students progress much better with the additional hours per week. The course schedule is Mondays and Wednesdays, 2:30-4:30pm, at Green Life Academy.


Our Spanish for Expats program is specifically designed for people who live in Costa Rica and need to be able to communicate every day in Spanish. Students converse up to 80% of every class, and they also study grammar in order to understand the structure of the language. Each level has two Survival Spanish themes, such as going to the hospital, talking on the phone, or eating at a restaurant, and we also give additional Survival Spanish workshops on these topics that are open to the community and free.

We are excited to also have our Spanglish Social event in Coco every Monday from 5:30 to 6:30pm at Coconutz Bar. This event, also free and open to the community, involves speaking English for 30 minutes, and Spanish for 30 minutes. It’s a fantastic activity for practicing the language and meeting new people. Invite your Tico and Expat friends!


For more information about our programs, please visit our website, http://www.estelarcr.com, or email Bethany, the director, at Info@estelarcr.com. You can also call our institute in Liberia: 2665-6921.

Survival Spanish for Expats in Coco Beach!

Despite the fact that we are in the low season and many Expats are away, visiting their home countries, we are proud to say that our Survival Spanish for Expats classes are going very well at Green Life Academy in Playas del Coco! We have completed the first month of this 3-month session, and we have three small groups: Beginner 1, Beginner 2, and Beginner 5. The courses are on Wednesdays, 2:30-4:30pm, and we have open-enrollment, so students can join the classes any time!


Some graduate students from our previous May-July session!

 We have offered several Survival Spanish workshops that are open to the public and free, and they have been a big hit! We plan to offer two more this month on October 16 and 30, 4:30-5:15pm, at Green Life Academy. We focus on every-day themes that are useful for our students who live here in Costa Rica.


This was our first Survival Spanish workshop about the bathroom and keeping it clean!

Don’t miss the next session that will start in January! For more information, please contact Bethany, the director of Instituto Estelar Bilingüe, which is based in Liberia, Costa Rica: Info@estelarcr.org, 2665-6921, or 8730-0904.

¡Estelar en la comunidad! – Estelar in the community!

¿Ya sabía que cada semana en el Instituto Estelar Bilingüe tenemos actividades gratuitas para la gente en la comunidad que quiere practicar el inglés con nuestros profesores nativos hablantes de inglés? ¡Infórmese!

Estrellitas Club de Niños – todos los miércoles, 5-5:40pm, en el instituto. Leemos libros a los niños y hacemos muchas actividades. Es para niños de 4 a 11 años.

Spanglish Social – todos los miércoles, 8-9pm, en Restaurante Las Baulas (100 metros del instituto). Hablamos inglés por media hora, y español por media hora. ¡Nos ayudamos a mejorar!

Superstar Club de Conversación en inglés – todos los martes, 8-9pm, y viernes, 5-6pm, en el instituto. Dividimos los participantes según su nivel de inglés, y conversamos en inglés.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Did you know that every week at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe we have free activities for people in the community who want to practice English with our native English speaking teachers? We very much appreciate volunteers to help us run these programs!

Estrellitas Kid’s Club – every Wednesday, 5-5:40pm, in the institute. We read books to the kids and do lots of fun activities. It’s for kids from 4 to 12 years of age.

Spanglish Social – every Wednesday, 8-9pm, at Las Baulas Restaurant (100 meters from the institute). We speak English for 30 minutes and Spanish for 30 minutes, helping each other improve!

Superstar English Conversation Club – every Tuesday, 8-9pm, and Friday, 5-6pm, in the institute. We divide people according to their English level and converse in English!


Our weekly reading club for kids ages 4 to 11 years old!
¡Nuestro club de lectura para niños de 4 a 11 años!


Our weekly English conversation club!
¡Nuestro club de conversación en inglés!


Spanglish Social is a great way to meet new people and practice the language you’re studying (English or Spanish).
Spanglish Social es una oportunidad excelente de conocer a gente nueva y practicar el idioma que está estudiando (inglés o español).

How to Learn English, by Tracy Villafuerte

We proudly present this piece of student writing by Tracy Villafuerte, an advanced English student at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe. Her teacher, Manuel Garcia, recommended Tracy’s recent writing assignment to be published on our blog. Enjoy!


Our featured writer, Tracy, is the one on the right in the red shirt. Here she is at the weekly English Conversation Club at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe!

Nowadays, as you may know, is too important to learn a second language, but… Why learn English? and the most important thing: How to learn it?

Around the world, English is the second language most commonly spoken, after Mandarin Chinese. So, that’s a good reason for anybody to learn English, but not only because is the second language, but rather because, if you want to travel, you may want to speak a foreign language and you have to know for sure, you will find at least one English speaker, native or not. And how about get a better job? Most of the well-paid jobs require English knowledge, written or spoken. Think about it and pay attention to these key tips to learn English.

How to Learn English:

1. Find a good school to learn: Most of the schools do not have native speakers as the teachers. If you want to learn English in a good way, you may want to be taught by a native speaker. Many people find difficult to learn English because of the pronunciation, but if you get a native speaker as a teacher, you will be learning the correct pronunciation and you will be required to speak in English the full time of your class. Another thing is that you will be able to participate in many activities related to English, make new friends and not only learn about a foreign culture, you also can share about your own culture. So, you can learn English by finding a good school.

2. Always Practice: Practice everywhere, most of the people think, learn English is just to go to class, do their homework and pass the tests. English is more than that! English is practice in real situations, you can easily learn English by losing the fear of being heard by the native speakers. English is about practice what you learn every class. English is about friendship, long talks, good friends, trips. English is an open door to the opportunities. At the end, you can learn English by practicing with anybody, student or native speaker.

3. Commitment: If you want to learn English, you may want to be committed, study for exams, do your homework, oral presentations, extra works. Every assignment needs to be done by yourself, nobody else, by yourself, in that way you can evaluate your knowledge, in order to find any weakness and ask for help to your teacher. If you do all your assignments, you can be sure what you have to improve, because learn English is a personal thing, nobody will learn English for you. Try to get along with English! You can learn English by being committed.

4. Be Patient: Nobody learns English in one day. Learn a new language requires to keep practicing the new vocabulary you just learned. You can learn English by writing down every single new word you hear, learn or see. Do not feel desperate, if you are in a beginner class, you may want to pass that level before to go in an advanced class. So, you should wait and be patient, so, try to learn as much as you can in your current level because it will be your basis for the next level every time you start a new level. You can learn English by waiting in the learning process.

5. Do your best: Always do your best. Some people give up because they failed a test, or when someone laugh because of their pronunciation, but if you want to learn English, you may want not to be afraid or ashamed about what other people think about your English or your pronunciation. Everybody passed by the same process. Your teacher will correct you every time you need it, but he or she won’t laugh of you. Always do the best you can in presentations, tests, or whatever you have to do. So, you can learn English by having a great attitude.

6. Join English groups: If you want to learn English, and have a great fluency you should join an English group to practice grammar, pronunciation, fluency and the most important thing: eliminate the fear of speaking. In most of the groups you will be practicing as much as you want, most native speakers go to help other people in different countries in their vacation, so you can join these groups as a volunteer and during this time you can learn English and help them to help your country, you can have your English improved by helping your town.

7. TV Shows, Videos and Music: If you think you are too shy to join any English group, you may want to find a way to practice. Since English is a very popular language, there are many TV shows in English. You should not have forgotten the videos, music and movies, you can watch them and read the subtitles at first or just try to understand the movies or TV shows, for videos (musical) and music, I have some steps for you to follow, if you want to practice your English by listening them: First, the song or video has to be chosen; then the song/ video is listened to; after that you have to be disposed to try to understand what they are telling you; then the lyric has to be found in order to read and match it with the song. Finally the song is read by the time you are listening to the song.

Well, as always, everything comes to an end, and one thing to know for sure is that English is a whole culture, and if you want to learn English you can follow these suggestions:

1. You can learn English by finding a good school.

2. You can learn English by practicing with anybody.

3. You can learn English by being committed.

4. You can learn English by waiting in the learning process.

5. You can learn English by having a great attitude.

6. You can have your English improved by helping your town.

And the most important thing: You can learn English by being interested in learning a foreign language.